Dry Skin – What can we do to sort it out?

Dry Skin – What can we do to sort it out?

Well, life can seem complicated, and dry skin does have a lot of causes. Let’s begin by getting the heavy bit out of the way – occasionally, it may be symptomatic of something serious, so it’s always a good idea to get it checked by an expert. In general, though, dry skin is caused by environmental factors, some of these are seasonal, and there are steps we can take to help sort it out.


Elbows often get dry

The sun

In the summer, spending extended periods of time in the direct sun can dry out the skin of both moisture and essential oils, even if you are wearing sunblock and moisturiser. If this happens, you are likely to look flaky and wrinkled, even if you are young. We’ll get a little more into that later.

The heat 

Now, even if you are smart and limit your direct exposure to the sun, just being in a hot place can still have a drying effect on the skin, albeit at a slower rate. So be cool.


If you are in the Sahara, you are more likely to encounter dry skin than if you are camping in the Amazons. That probably ought not to need to be stated.


In winter, heaters also tend to dry the air and, therefore, your skin. You will notice this more if you live in a dry, cold place like Tibet. Sitting by a fireplace or a heater for long periods wherever you are will dry you out too.

Dry skin from sitting by the heater?


Drinking too much can also give you that same ‘old-prune’ look. Excessive boozing can also tend to make you behave foolishly and mess up various significant internal organs.

Hot showers

If you are someone who likes to shower hot and long and you have dry skin – take note. Even though water is obviously wet, taking long and very hot showers can also have the effect of drying out your skin. 

Counter Intuitive or what? – long, hot showers can dry your skin.

Icky chemicals

Now we get to our pet hate – chemicals in skincare products – harsh soaps and stuff like that – some of these can really dry out your skin. There really is no need for them. If we use natural products wisely, there’s usually simply no need for them. 

Chlorinated water

We’re not done yet – if you like to swim a lot in chlorinated water, this can also be a factor in dry skin. If you have a lake near your house, and it’s good for swimming, count yourself lucky.

Certain materials

Finally, at least for today’s list of dry skin causes, there are also certain materials used in clothing, such as wool which can lead to or exacerbate dry skin.

How dry skin is likely to look and feel?

When you have dry skin, it will probably feel a bit rough. Depending on where on the body it is, it may feel tight and even itchy. As you itch it, it may flake and peel. It can also look scaly, especially on the legs. You may also find cracks and lines. In severe cases, the cracks may be deep enough to bleed. Ouch. White skin may look reddish, while brown and black skin may have grey tones. Of course, age is also a factor – as we get older, our skin slowly loses its ability to retain moisture, so it requires greater care.

Dry Skin – What can we do to sort it out?

In the summer, if at all possible, make it a priority to be comfortable and stay cool. Enjoy the shower but avoid using it excessively and at too high a temperature. In winter, if you live in a dry place that requires a lot of heating, consider using a humidifier. It’s also smart to eat a healthy and varied diet rich in antioxidants and to use natural skin products to wash, exfoliate and regularly moisturise your skin. 

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For more information about dry skin, you might want to check out this article by the American Association of Dermatologists.




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