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Ivy&Noa natural organic skincare

Ivy&Noa Natural Organic Skincare


Ivy&Noa is owned by Shirin de Vito and Yael Glazer, a daughter and mum team, who emigrated from Germany to sunny Israel in 2018 with a few suitcases and lots of creative vision.

Their idea for creating a new brand of natural, organic skincare products was born from their love of nature, plants, animals, and everything beautiful in this world. “Trust nature,” is what they like to say.

Before moving to Israel Yael worked for many years as a pharmacist in Germany.  This gave her a wealth of experience about skincare, and a deep understanding about the importance of using natural products. Yael says that: “Skincare doesn’t need to be expensive, what matters is that it is effective.” 


All Ivy&Noa Natural Organic Skincare products are made of 100% natural plant-based ingredients of the highest bio quality. With key ingredients such as shea butter, naturally sourced Vitamin E and finest almond oil, their back-to-roots approach produces fine skin care products whose primary feature is their effectiveness. 


With Ivy&Noa soaps, the most important thing is not the scent, but the texture and the washing experience. Shirin explains, “We use only a small amount of essential oils to give our soaps fragrance, because of potential for allergies- we want to keep our products safe.”


The same goes for their scrubs. The important thing is that they work. When asked what makes a good scrub, Yael answers: “a great scrub is just right – it’s not too oily and also doesn’t dry the skin. That means that you don’t need to use a moisturizer afterwards. In fact nothing should need adding afterwards. You should only be left with the feel good effect.” 


Shirin and Yael are also lucky enough to own a secret, organic garden, where under the amazing sun of Israel, they grow the most delicious fruits and herbs to use in their skincare products. This is the backbone of their commitment to freshness!


They put a great deal of love, passion and time in producing their products, to help their customers look and feel their best. They know that in each of us is a little princess or a little prince who wants and needs to be spoiled sometimes.

They also love to create special and unique gifts for birthdays, weddings and any other events. Do let them know if you have any special requests, they will be delighted to hear from you.


Whichever products you choose, the Ivy&Noa team will fullfil your order with care and diligence.

To find out more about how organic oils, salts and herbs can have positive affects on your body and mind, please read the Ivy&Noa informative skincare blogs. You are sure to find out some new things there.


You can also read an interview with Shirin and Yael,
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Meet the team

Yael Glazer

CEO and Founder

Shirin de Vito, Founder and CEO Ivy&Noa

Shirin de Vito

CEO and Founder

Michael Simkin, Art Director, Ivy&Noa

Michael Simkin

Art Director

Evyatar Sodi

Sales and Customer Support

Natural organic vegan skincare for everybody and lightweight earrings for easily irritated and sensitive skin. We put a lot of love, passion and time into producing our products, to help you shine and glow.