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Natural Organic Coffee Scrub: Salty Coffee

Vegan body scrub with an awesome coffee fragrance

Original Himalayan salt with a touch of almond oil and real organic Arabic coffee!

Best to use at any time because it is just perfect for coffee lovers!

Coffee is known, when used externally, for its anticellulite effects

Natural, Organic, Coffee Scrub

8.20 $

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Ivy & Noa: natural, organic, coffee scrub: Handmade with love.

Salty Coffee

Our natural, organic coffee scrub will thoroughly clean your skin and help you remove dead skin cells, to provide space for new ones to grow, which happens naturally every 28 days. Using this product at least once per week will significantly help hydrate and tone your skin, to look fresher, and feel more healthy and vibrant. Caffeine is a miracle weapon in skincare. Because of its positive effects on fat metabolism, tissue and the lymphatic system, massages which use ingredients that contain caffeine reduce wrinkles and make the skin appear smooth and fresh.

Enjoy this scrub for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Beyond its anti-ageing benefits, it will leave your skin feeling healthy and sparkling! 

Only the finest ingredients have been used in this scrub. We make every effort to handle them with the utmost care and attention, to help you create an outstanding shower adventure!

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps support cell function, and moisturises the skin. 

Himalayan salt balances the pH of the skin. It has a calming effect and is known to reduce inflammation.

Almond, coconut and Jojoba oils all help moisturise the skin. If you have acne, these oils can be safely used and will not clog pores.

Handmade with love

We are proud to say that all our products are “handmade with love” – and this is why they are so effective! We make our beauty products in small batches and to customer order, to ensure you always benefit from the best ingredients and the most careful preparation.

Our commitment to the environment

As will all our products, this scrub is vegan, entirely safe and made in a completely cruelty free way. We only use recyclable packaging. 

In case of any skin irritation, stop using the procuct and always contact us and/or your doctor/pharmacist.


Fresh roasted organic arabian coffee * 100% vegan * Almond oil * Jojoba oil * Himalayan salt * Coconut oil* Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

For more information please check our Key Ingredients Page.

For information about other Vegan-friendly products, please check: Vegan Friendly UK



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