Natural, Organic, Rose Soap

Oh Rose…..

Why do women actually like roses or why do men think women always want roses. And then how many? Is one enough? Or does it have to be a gigantic bouquet? Or are roses kitschy and only to be given away when you have a guilty conscience?
Is it a soap opera or is there something to it?
Let’s take a closer look:
Even in ancient times, the rose was considered a token of love, its beguiling scent, and fantastic colors are reminiscent of blood, the elixir of life, the love that we all seek and hunt. Women and men alike. Today we are on Tinder, Bumble, and co, in the past a pig was cut up, a wild one, as a token of love and as a sign of the ability to provide for the woman and the family. Or as a sign of power, greatness, and, above all, the male ego.
Roses have a sensual smell, a faint exclusive one found scattered on the floor in honeymoon apartments; to strengthen the sexual component. Roses embody passion, but also possession. Bath additives, creams, or facial tonics remind you of 1001 nights. Let one dream, fly, languish in a shell of velvety clouds.


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